Singing News


Singing News is America’s most-read Christian music magazine with over 200,000 readers and subscribers in all 50 states.

Monthly editorial coverage provides a comprehensive picture of what’s happening in the Southern Gospel music industry and in the lives and careers of its popular singing groups and artists.

The Southern Gospel music scene is followed by millions of avid fans of all ages. Singing News subscribers represent the prime segment of this market—successful middle-agers, above average in income and education, active in their Christian faith, devoted fans of their favorite music, and loyal readers of the premier magazine in the field.

Singing News Readers

Our Readers

  • Men: 48% / Women: 52%
  • Average age: 52
  • Married: 76%
  • Attended/graduated college: 45%
  • Own home: 92%
  • Regularly attend church: 91%
  • Serve in leadership roles at church: 61%
  • Support Christian ministries: 75%
  • Belong to a singing group: 43%
  • Play a musical instrument: 36%
  • Average Household Income: $44,553

Shopping Habits of Readers

  • 89% of Singing News subscribers purchased products at a Christian retail store during the past year
  • The average amount spent on Christian books, Bibles, music, and gifts in the last 12 months was $282
  • 92% purchased music in various formats in the past 12 months: 86% bought CDs; 58% bought music videos; 51% bought music DVDs
  • 95% of subscribers own a CD player; 88% own a VCR or DVD player; 62% own and use a personal computer
  • 51% of subscribers own a pickup truck, and 14% have a motor home or other recreational vehicle
  • 92% of subscribers own their homes